Hey guys,¬†on this blog post in going to tell you about the new YouTube channel that me and my friend made. As you can probably tell from the title it’s called KnightedEraserBits(Yes, I know the name is weird). In our new channel we do weird and funny videos like different challenges and other funny stuff. One of our funniest videos so far I think is our either our blind chip taste test or our blind Jedi challenge.

Hope you guys enjoy the videos and if you have any video suggestions put them either in the YouTube comments or here, and also don’t forget to like the videos and subscribe. See you guys later. ūüôā

Here’s an link to our channel hope you enjoy!¬†Here is our channel!!

Blind chip sandwich taste test

Blind Jedi challenge?

Minecraft for dummies (mummies) 4 farming

In Minecraft farming is essential to surviving. There are two types of farms crop farms and animal farms. Crop farms can contain wheat, melons, pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, coco beans and  beetroots. Animal farms can contain cows,pigs,sheep,chickens and rabbits. Each of these animals give a different type of meat and each animal can be bred. There can also be Horses which can be ridden when killed horses give you leather.

Breeding animals. Each type of animal breeds with a different food like pigs breed with carrots or chickens breed with seeds. Here is the list of what foods the animals need to breed


  1. Sheep=wheat
  2. Cow=wheat
  3. Pig=carrot
  4. Chicken=seeds
  5. Rabbits=carrots,golden carrots or dandelions
  6. Horses=Golden Apple or Golden carrot

Now that we’ve learnt about animal farms it’s time to learn about crop farms. Lets learn about what you need to start a farm. To start a farm you are going to need to till an area of grass by right clicking with a hoe. If you don’t know how to make a hoe click this link here it will take you to one of my videos. The video is 3 years old so I sound weird and the video isn’t so good but i am planning to make a new one ūüôāHow to make a hoe . Now that you know how to make a hoe and you tilled you land you need a water source. If you don’t have a water source then your tilled land will just turn back to dirt. Your water source can only be a maximum of FOUR blocks away from a tilled land block or it wont water it so I recommend having a straight line of water through your farm. Now that you have your tilled land you need your crops so like I said before there are 6 types of food you can plant(not including coco beans we will talk about that later) Carrots,potatoes,watermelons,pumpkins,wheat and beetroots. If you are playing on a version earlier than 1.9 than beetroots will not be there. Now that you’ve chosen what crops you want its time to plant all you have to do for the potatoes the wheat the carrots and the beetroots is right click on the wet farmland. For pumpkins and watermelons its a little bit harder to explain so just watch this video here. ¬†How to make a basic farm¬† ¬†I hope you guys liked that video I kind of rushed it so I could put it up, but now you guys know the basics of farming in minecraft and ¬†I hope you learnt something. Thanks for watching and reading and i’ll see you guys later BYEEEEEE! ūüôā




Lego Star Wars: First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter

The Lego Star Wars: First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter seemed like a really cool Lego set so I bought it. I waited 12 days for it to come, but was disappointed with the set. Let me tell you why. It took me maybe an hour to build it which isn’t so bad, but when I had finished it I started flying it around. But after five minutes of play the left wing completely came off. I thought that I had just put in the wing wrong but it kept happening. I tried switching the wings around but it still fell off. A quick fix for this is take of the caps for both wings and snap the pieces together fully. Other than that I really like the fireable missiles, opening hatches, and  everything else is really cool. I give this 4 1/2 out of 5 stars because the minifigures are hard to put in the cockpit. 



Battlefield 1943

Battlefield 1943 is a good game for people who don’t like blood and gore and want to play a first person shooter game. Battlefield 1943 ¬†is based on WW II and only has three maps for ground air and water combat and one map for only air combat. Battlefield 1943 came out on July 8 2009 for Xbox and July 9 2009 for PSN (play station network). It was made by DICE and was published by EA (electronic arts). Battlefield 1943 was eighth in the battlefield series. Unlike other battlefields it is only multiplayer and each match holds 24 players.

There are only 7 different vehicles the Japanese zero fighter plane American corsair fighter plane one type of landing craft and two types of tanks and two jeeps. The fighter planes have four machine guns can drop bombs and hold one pilot . The landing craft can have 6 people on board 2 men maning the machine one driver and three passengers. The tanks can hold two people one driver more maning the main cannon and the coaxial machine gun and one on top manning another macine gun. The jeeps can hold 3 people one driver one passenger and one one the back manning the machine gun.

Battlefield 1943 uses the frost bite engine so that the only buildings the can not be destroyed are the bunkers. Ok now that I’ve talked about that lets get into the gameplay.

There are three classes rifleman infantry and scout. The rifle man has an m1 grant rifle three rifle grenades a bayonete and two grenades. The infantry has an LMG (light machine gun)  a wrench that can fix a tank a jeep a landing craft a plane and a HMG (heavy machine gun), and has a bazooka and two grenades. The scout wears leaf  camo and has a sniper rifle a sword a pistol and dynamite. In battlefield 1943 you can not customize the classes unlike in other battlefields.

Like in most multiplayer first person shooter games when you die you can respawn and chose another class. Battlefield 1943 is basicly a capture the flag game with guns. On every map there is five flags the the two teams IJN (imperial Japanese navy) and USMC (United states marine corps) battle to control. The cool thing abou battlefield 1943 is that you have unlimited Ammo.

In battlefield 1943 you go up in ranks I don’t know all of them but right now I’m at master sergeant gold. You can also get stamps you doing certain things like using you parachute twice or killing three bombers.

Oh I forgot to tell you each map has an air field and a bombing raid bunker. When the radio disk is spining on top of the bombing raid bunker you can go up to it and go in. When your in it you control three bombers that you can use to drop one round of bombs. The problem is they don’t have much maneuverability ¬†and cannot defend themselves from attacking fighters, but there bombs are devastating. Also you are invincible while you are in the bunker but enemies can hide outside it and wait for you to come and and they will ambush you so be careful.

I will post a short PS3 game play of battlefield 1943 hope you enjoy!

Keurig 2.0

My mom, my sister, and I were walking in Metrotown when we saw a sign for free hot drinks. We got in the line and waited. After about 10 minutes, we got to choose our drinks out of little sealed plastic cups filled with powder. My sister and I chose a hot chocolate and my mom chose a chai.

The machine that was being advertised and used to make the drinks was the new Keurig 2.0. The Keurig 2.0 is a coffee and tea machine. When you put in these little sealed cups for tea and hot chocolate the machine puts a hole in the top and then makes it, and for coffee it puts a hole in the top and bottom because the coffee cups have a filter in them.

I put a cream in my hot chocolate to make it cool down. My mom did not like her chai, but my sister and I liked out hot chocolates.

One problem with our hot chocolates is that it tasted kind of like plastic.

And no, I am not getting paid to say this. I wish I was though!

William Sonoma kid’s baking class

On Saturday, I went to a free children’s cooking class at William Sonoma. At the class I learned how to make meringue, double boil, sift flour, mix butter and flour, and get a great when we were learning how to make meringue, I had an idea to make lemon meringue pie. Once the class was done the teacher told the class that we get ten percent off anything in the store. I bought a cool kitchen knife and a pastry mixer.

As soon as I got home I looked up on Google how to make gluten-free lemon meringue pie. The reason I search for gluten-free is because I’m intolerant to gluten.

While my mom was at my sister’ dance class I tried to start the crust. I used the bag mix, but it said to use 4 cups and we only had 2 1/2 left. I mixed the eggs and milk in and added an extra one and a half cups of Robin Hood gluten-free flour. At first it was very watery and I tried rolling it out on the wooden cutting board, but it did not work at all. the wooden cutting board was very messy and I had to scrape it all back into the bowl. I was getting frustrated! I didn’t realize that I should’ve added more flour and let it sit in the fridge for a while. I finally added some more flour and it became tougher. I start to roll it out into the pie pan, but then my mom came home.

She helped me roll it into the pie pan and get it rightto bake. I cooked the lemon curd in a small pot we don’t usually bake stuff or make anything with cornstarch, but the recipe called for it, so we tried it.

Once it was boiling it smelled¬† really weird but it tasted and looked like it was supposed to so we decided that we might as well use it. When I tried to make the me range the egg whites would not whip so my mom tride it but it still didn’t. It whipped a little so I decided we should use it i prod it on top of the lemon curd.I pored the lemon curd on to the baked pie crust in the pie pan and we put it in the oven to bake for 45 minutes. At dinner when we cut it but the lemon curd wasn’t very tough but it still tasted REALLY GOOD. Next time I will use a different recipe and no corn starch.

messy kitchen

This is what my kitchen looked like while I was baking my lemon meringue pie. Very messy! My mom cleaned it up. I feel sorry for her.

lemon meringue pie

The lemon curd

more pie

A finished and cooled pie.



Iron Chef Challenge

Today (Oct 20th ) I started a cooking course at an elementary school. At first I was nervous but once I¬†got inside I was fine. There were eight people in my class six girls and two boys me and another boy. Today’s food was pizza.

There was a bowl with secret ingredients written on slips of paper. The teacher went down the line going from one person from one team to another person from another team letting them pick a random secret ingredient. The ingredients we got were pineapple, orange peppers, marshmallows, cheese, pizza, oregano, and a steel. A steel is where we get to steal one of the other teams items. The other teams items were ham, asparagus, butterscotch sauce, spinach, cheese, pizza sauce, and cream cheese. My team and I decided to steal the ham.

We had to make one side sweet and one side savoury. I put some pineapple some peppers some marshmallows and some cheese on the sweet side of my pizza and some ham some cheese some peppers and some oregano on the savoury side. Once everyone was done the teachers put them in the oven. Once they were done baking we all sat down to eat our pizzas.

While we were eating our pizza’s one of out teachers asked what ingredient surprised us. The other team did not like their pizza very much because of the butterscotch sauce. The ingredient that surprised most of my team were the marsh mellows.

Some of the people turned their pizza into a pizzarito which is a pizza rolled up into a burrito. Once we finished eating we all went home.THE END

This is my pizza

this is everyone’s pizza¬†OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA